Mindfulness for Kids

The purest and most shapeable thing in this universe is the brain of a young child. Teaching to behave and making sure that they learn values is what parents want to do with their kids, to build a stronger foundation for them. The noble causes and noble beliefs will help your kid be an adult, but mindfulness will help your kid grow up. The question still remains — What is Mindfulness?  The state of being aware and conscious of something is called mindfulness. But, how will it help your kid?

Mindfulness in a kid helps him to channel his focus and attention to the particular thing he is doing, not getting distracted by inner thoughts and outer distractions. Mindfulness in kids means more like the alignment of mind and soul to pursue or overtake a task or just an activity.

A child with mindfulness achieved is better at almost everything, controlling desires and valuing resources and most of all, being aware of his surroundings which makes him more adaptable to different circumstances.



Mindfulness is very specific and grand thing to achieve. The alignment of body and mind is very interactive and attractive, which can only be entertained by enlightened people and activities around kids. Puzzle games with something meaningful and noteworthy as an outcome will count as a mindfulness activity. The indulgence in the activity with whole heartiness and no lack of focus builds a wall of patience and positivity inside a kid with knowledge of finding meaning in everything and in every result.

Stories, games, activities and visual presentations are some of the techniques that can help your kid achieve mindfulness.



  • More focusing abilities: – A better focus would help to execute tasks better which will unquestionably result in better results.
  • Awareness: – A well aware kid is a well-developed kid. Knowing the surroundings and willing to adapt according to them is one of the bi-products of mindfulness.
  • Inner peace: – A profound mind is nothing but a nickname for inner peace and higher moral values. Not getting stuck in a race and not worrying about anything other than the task at hand is the highest level of mindfulness one can achieve.
  • Living in the moment: – No distractions can harm the focus and credibility of your kid once he has learned the art of mindfulness. Mindfulness leads to everything better and stronger.


  • Mindfulness by yoga: – The alignment of mind and soul is mindfulness and what better way to calm your body down and respect its limits than Yoga. Same goes for your kids, calm and composed way to start the day. Yoga ends up giving big results in internal and mental growth for kids, worth a shot to teach your kids how to be mindful day by day.
  • Mindfulness in eating: – Eating habits and table etiquettes go a long way in teaching them how to be mindful and present at the moment. Don’t forget to pitch in those green vegetables that they absolutely hate.
  • Mindfulness in craft: – For every creative piece of art your kid makes, there’s a shadow of his everyday routine and mindset in it. To enhance that creativity makes sure that he sees positive attributes around him, and positivity is directly proportional to a calmer mind. A calmer mind is equal to a calmer body and active thoughts, which is mindfulness after all.

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