Anxiety in kids

The development and popularity of competition among kids are higher than ever before. Fortunately, kids are adaptive and willing to go an extra mile to achieve the ranks in competitions.

Parents understand and encourage such competition but some of us take this way too seriously. Condescending a kid based on his lack of participation in such races is never noble. Encouraging them to be over-competitive is not a solution as well; it’s actually risky and may drive them to an obsession for winning.

Following are the ways to prevent your children getting anxiety issues…

Ways to prevent your children getting anxiety issues.

Honesty from parents

An honest feedback or response to your kids’ hard work is a major step in nurturing them and encouraging their work the right way.  When it comes to feedbacks for our kids’ work, we try to hold punches and give them a sweet lie as a feedback. That may look good as for a brief time but is definitely harsh in further future. Honesty can help them build creative prowess and iron confidence.

Stretch your kids’ capabilities

  1.  Helping kids add more depth and eliminate focus in the competition is probably the most major step to follow. Stress and anxiety may also occur in children if they row in different boats. Ask them to follow certain interests and channel their energy in one particular direction to narrow their stress levels and anxiety possibilities.

Appreciate efforts and not results

  1. Focusing on your kids’ hard work and efforts rather than the results. Everyone loves hearing praises for their efforts and so does your kid. Encourage him to put his 100% in everything and not worry about the results. An “Attaboy!” is all it’s going to take.

Don’t over praise

A cocky behaviour and an overconfident thinking might be a result of over-praising the kid. Be respectful of his talent and achievements, but avoid being over-proud of them. Developments of ego and attitude problems are the bi-products of over.

Follow these steps to make sure your kids don’t suffer from anxiety and stress.

  1. Praise your kids’ opinion and thinking to build his confidence and eliminate self-doubt.
  2. The only thing to eradicate the fear of failure is to encourage and give their thinking a shot to execute and perform.
  3. The sense of independence should be developed in kids.
  4. Help them tackle anxiety and nervousness rather than teaching them to avoid or live with them.
  5. Praise your kids’ opinion and thinking to build his confidence and eliminate self-doubt.

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